Accelerate Your Industrial Construction Project

When it comes to your industrial construction project, it is all about timing. You need a structure that can be constructed in less time so you can start running your business and generating revenue. Your company also needs a building that will last for years with minimal maintenance. With a precast industrial structure designed, manufactured and built by Eagle Builders, you can ensure that your project’s timeline will be accelerated while still meeting quality and design standards.

Eagle Builders is a leading design-build contractor for medium and light industrial buildings. Because we are a precast concrete manufacturer and general contractor, we have complete quality control throughout every stage of construction. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that the quality of your investment will never be in question.


Industrial Construction Projects

Eagle Builders has extensive experience designing, manufacturing and building various industrial buildings throughout Canada. Take a look at some of the projects that Eagle completed. 

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Precast Concrete Industrial Products & Structures

Eagle Builders offer turnkey precast concrete solutions that can be designed to fit any industrial application. We use insulated precast concrete wall panels for industrial structures because of their incredible durability, thermal efficiency, fire resistance and design flexibility. Precast concrete products are quickly produced and installed, allowing for project timelines to be sped up and saving costs on project management.

  • Warehouses
  • Office-Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Breweries
  • Refinery Buildings
  • SAG-D Facilities
  • Oilfield Buildings
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Maintenance Shops
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Success Story

“The timeline was very short compared to other builds that I have done in the past, and that target was met within 5 days of what was quoted. Especially going through the middle of a pandemic and having your building completed on time was very important to us. Watching how controlled and how swift the construction process actually is… it is explained to you in advance before you start working with Eagle, but to see it live is awesome. It is lightyears ahead of what our other building was.”

Grant Glattacker
Bushell Transport

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