• Agricultural

    Faberdale Dairies
    26,200 sq ft
    40 cow capacity rotary parlour
    19 years working relationship

  • Multi-Residential

    Century Gardens
    272,880 sq ft | 7 storeys | 278 units
    2,460 hollowcore panels
    16 months to complete

  • Agricultural

    Scova Farms
    2 milking parlours | 1,000 cow dairy stalls
    5 expansion projects
    20 years working relationship

  • Commercial

    Julian Tile
    2 buildings (Calgary + Edmonton)
    123 insulated precast panels per building
    2.7 million lbs of concrete per building

  • Agricultural

    Glen Bea Farms
    18,394 sq ft
    Pullet Barn

  • Institutional

    Burman University Library
    18,027 sq ft  | 24 days to erect shell
    212 precast concrete panels
    104 hollowcore panels

  • Commercial

    Jealous Fruits
    140,801 sq ft | 4 months construction
    529 insulated precast panels | 35 days installation
    435 hollowcore panels | 11 days installation

  • Infrastructure

    Deerfoot Trail & 212 Avenue Bridge
    18 precast NU girders | 37 m3 concrete/girder | 650 m3 total concrete
    8 days precast production
    7'-10' height | 149 ft span

Western Canada’s Precast Concrete

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  • Manufacturer

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Building Integrity & Longevity Into Your Project

Eagle Builders is a locally owned and operated manufacturing and construction company that specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication, and building of precast concrete structures.

As a superior building material, precast concrete provides a competitive advantage in design flexibility, sustainability, costing, and project timelines. This makes precast concrete a preferred building material for a variety of projects including agricultural, commercial, industrial, institutional, infrastructural, and multi-family residential. 

Eagle Builders proudly serves our family of clients by providing legacy structures that are personal, innovative, and sustainable. We are the builder of choice for innovative developments providing technical expertise, on-time delivery, experience, price guarantees, and stability.

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Our Industries


A more sustainable solution to developing structures for your ag business.

When you build agricultural structures such as barns, silage bunkers and shops from precast concrete, you are creating a functional and more sustainable solution for your ag business. Take the first step in constructing a building that will last for generations by learning more about Eagle Builder’s agricultural construction services.

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Give your commercial business room to grow with a new precast building.

A commercial structure is a large investment for any business, so you want to ensure that you receive a product that meets all your needs for years to come. You can give your commercial business the room it needs to grow with a new precast building designed, manufactured and built by Eagle Builders, your precast concrete experts.

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Precast buildings that offer unmatched durability & longevity for your industrial business.

Precast buildings offer unmatched durability and longevity to meet the demands of your industrial business. Eagle Builders design, manufacture and build turnkey precast concrete solutions that can fit any industrial application, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, refinery buildings and more.

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Simplify your infrastructure construction project with the help of Eagle Builders.

Precast concrete offers a solution when you need an infrastructure project, such as bridge girders, box culverts and arch segments, completed efficiently and safely. You can simplify your infrastructure construction project with the help of Eagle Builders and our precast design-manufacture-build services.

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Building a solid base for municipalities, first responders, schools and more.

Schools, libraries, medical buildings and fire halls are where we connect and where you work. Eagle Builders is constructing a solid base for municipalities, first responders, and educational centers with our precast concrete buildings because institutional structures are the core of our communities.

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The modular design of our precast buildings is the best fit for multi-residential projects.

The modular design of our precast buildings is the best fit for multi-residential projects. Create warm and welcoming multi-residential buildings like senior housing, modular row houses, apartment buildings and program homes with the help of Eagle Builder’s design-manufacture-build services.

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The Eagle Builders Advantage

At Eagle Builders, we create quality precast buildings and solutions for your construction project that are sustainable and prevent common delays, lost productivity and unnecessary costs.

Our Advantage

INSIDE Eagle Builders

We have a diverse portfolio of projects in various industries. Our precast concrete is manufactured on site at our facilities where we produce a quality product that saves time and provides cost savings for our clients. Our technical expertise, stability, and resources ensure a high level of success and lasting value.


Our Promise


Create opportunities for people to have a positive impact on our world both today and tomorrow.


People contributing to the health, growth and sustainability of their communities.


Lead the construction industry with integrity, quality, safety, innovation, productivity, and sustainability.

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